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Villa on the 
Adriatic coast!

The unique nature of Montenegro inspired us to create Dukley Gardens. It's hard to find another country so small but with such a large concentration of beauty and peace. The goal was to make Dukley Gardens fit our initial idea which is why we have given special attention to the design and safety of the housing complex.


Everything is in the neighborhood

Developed infrastructure allows to easily solve everyday tasks, lead a healthy lifestyle, have fun while spending time with your family, enjoy your hobbies and find ideas about how to spend your leisure time.


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The «Pchelina» project

The investment project on building the ecological townships is in Bulgaria. The project consists of two directions. The first one is to build the ecological housing on the southern shore of the lake "Pchelina" (area of ground is 4.8 ha). Another direction is building of "Retirement home" on the right bank of the lake "Pchelina" (area of ground is 2.3 ha). A plot of land is located 40 kilometers south-west of the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia.

Additional information.

"Pchelina" is an artificial lake in the form of “blots” and size of 5-3 km., which is located 40 km. southwest of the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia.


Various European programs were implemented in Bulgaria recently. One of such programs is the building of ecological housing.

The land on the south shore of the Gulf is smooth and with access to the lake, and the Gulf with the asphalt entrance, in 4.8 ha. Plot of land is divided into sections of different sizes, which will be used to build ecological housing (houses made of rounded logs, adobe or with wood-frame sheeting). Principles of infrastructure and design are expected to work out with the best Ukrainian and Russian companies dealing with cottage projects.

The prime cost of building a wooden house made of logs in Bulgaria is about 450 euro per 1 sqm. Therefore, the house of 100 sqm. will cost 45 000 euros. Taking into account land value, planting and landscaping the plot of land will cost about 90 000 - 120 000 euros. It is not so high price for Bulgaria, and it means that this project has good prospects.

The land on the right bank of the Gulf of 2.3 hectares is planned to use for the building of «Retirement home» (for European retirees), designed for 60-80 people. The price tag for the project –is 2 million and 800 thousand euro, this price includes also medical basis. The construction period is 1.5-2 years. Currently the cost of keeping one pensioner in Germany in the Retirement home of usual type is about 120 euros per night. The calculation includes the maintenance cost of old people in Bulgaria in the ecological housing:  70-80 euros if prime cost is from 70 to 80 lev (35-40 euros). Thus, rate of return of this project will be from 4 to 6 years, depending on the rate of return on investment.

Taking into consideration recent marketing research, settlement of pensioners to the Retirement home of elite class can be conducted on the Ukrainian and Russian Pensioners who, recently, have begun to develop interest to Bulgaria.

The question of lifelong maintenance of single pensioners who have apartments in prime cities of Ukraine and Russia is also of the utmost interest. It can be explained by the policy of earning money from the sale of apartments and subsequent reinvestment in these or other projects.


This Retirement house includes the following buildings and facilities:

1. 60 Single-storey bungalow type buildings, which will be located in two or three streets. Floor area will be from 20 to 30 sqm. There will be also public terrace between rooms, which will give the opportunity to full freedom of movement even for people with disabilities.

2. 1 single-storey Restaurant and Club-type building, with the total area of 250 sqm.

3. 1 single-storey Medical Corps, the total area of which is about 150 sqm.

4. 1 Administrative two-storey building with an area of about 100 sqm.

5. 1 single-storey Household and Laundry with an area of about 200 sqm.

6. 1 two-storey Hotel, consisting of 5-6 rooms for relatives with an area of about 300 sqm.

7. A set of small buildings and structures by perforce.

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The «Derevoobrobne pidpryyemstvo» (“Woodworking enterprise”) project

Modern property complex of the production timber floor. The complex is located in Obukhiv district (in Kyiv) and consists of ten objects. It has its own channels of communication and developed infrastructure.

Additional information.

Advantages: it is one of the best manufacturers of exclusive timber floors in Ukraine. Today the company is equipped with the latest technological base.

Location: Kyiv region, Obukhiv district.

Products: the production of timber floor is core competence of the company.

Enterprise is a wide range of natural exclusive timber floor of high quality.

The territory of the enterprise: plot of the land is1.69 ha (and it is on lease to 2053).

The base of the enterprise: the total area of buildings and structures is 3916,2 m2, where:

1. Administrative household unit is 694.4 m2

2. Stockholding - 138.4 m2

3. Warehouse - 677.4 m2

4. Workshop of calibration - 1394.1 m2

5. Servicing shop - 99.3 m2

6. Garage - 61.6 m2

7. Warehouses - 595.1 m2

8. Repair and household block garage - 117.2 m2

9. Carpenter’s workshop - 130.9 m2

10. Checkpoint - 8.2 m2

Equipment: it meets the requirements which are necessary for production, safety measures and energy requirements. The company is equipped with such technological facilities as:

- Log conversion;

- Cutting pieces of floorboard

- Cutting out of parquet strips

- Profiling of floor

- Production of "cabin" oak

- Brushing of floorboard

- Top coating of floorboard

- Production lamella

Channels of Communication: there is all the necessary infrastructure of communication system on the territory of complex:

- Own Railway

- Boiler complex of 750 kW

- Water and sewerage systems

- transformer substation 6/4 410 kVA

Integral property complex on producing timber floor is on sale. 50.01% of equity rights of Ukrainian-Dutch joint venture, which has rented this complex and has exported products to the European market. Sale of 100% of equity rights of the integral property complex is possible, in case of interest.

Price is contractual.

For more information take contact with the representatives of our company:

Phone: (044) 223-77-35 or 289-77-35

 Fax: 289-55-51.

E-mail: kiev@aonak.com.ua


The «Rodovyshche hranitiv» (“Granite Deposit”) project

Granite Deposite is on sale.

It is located in Zhytomyr region in the private garden plots with total area of 70 hectares. Reserve of granite is up to 25 mln. m3. Depth of exploration is 75 m. The disclosed breeds are at 2,5-7,5 meters.  Raw produce is the quality of 1st class. It is suitable for the manufacture of rubble and gravel and their use in building industry without any restrictions. There is well-developed road infrastructure, and it takes 8 km. to the railway station.

Complete package of documents on license, the results of geological and geodetic works and laboratory studies will be provided additionally. JSC "National Advocacy Company" is responsible for legal footwork of the project. Responsible person is Oleksandr Tryzna, lawyer.

Phone: (044) 223-77-35 or 289-77-35

Fax - 289-55-51.

E-mail: kiev@aonak.com.ua


The project«The village of Lana in the Czech Republic.»

Lany is situated not far from the capital of the Czech Republic- Prague, in the direction towards the Karlovy Vary. Beginning from the period of Middle Ages, this area is the part of the most beautiful and deepest forests, popular areal of hunting lands of Czech dukes and kings. Preservation “Krivoklatsko” has been declared the protected landscape area and UNESCO biosphere reservation. Today Lany is a modern borough with the population of 1700 citizens and all full range of services, including health care center and school. The main benefit of the city is good traffic intersection with Prague.

In pursuance of the project of town-planning development, Lany, together with the castle of the President of Republic and the place of veneration of Thomas Masaryk, tourism and elite resident housing, is, successively, getting the popular European park-like and socio-political center regarding the performance of the numerous international cultural and social, scientific functions.

We offer for the sale houses with the productive area from 220 to 660 m2 and lots from 1000 to 3000 m2.

Tel.: (044) 223-77-35 or 289-77-35, Fax - 289-55-51. E-mail: kiev@aonak.com.ua



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«International area»


National Advocacy company accompanies the implementation of the investment projects to the Slovak Republic, Montenegro and provides with legal assistance in such areas:

Landed estate:




- Listings and rental lease (apartments, houses) and commercial property, leasing of apartments in Slovakia, office rental in Slovakia, lease of commercial real estate in Slovakia, the sale of land for building in Bratislava and others cities of Slovakia, including ski and health resort; - construction of small apartment houses and cottage settlements in Bratislava and its surroundings; - Assistance in finding contractors and construction management; - Property Management; - Legal support at all stages of the execution of the contract, while buying estate property; - Assumption in Slovakia.

- Registration of LPR (Lawful Permanent Residence – Temporary Residence – Business Immigration), permanent place of residence and the second citizenship in Slovakia.

- Slovak company booking; - business organization and dealing in Slovakia; - Sales of ready-made business; - Big Business Investments, Medium Business Investments, Small Business Investments, drafting of individual investment projects of various project size (from small restaurants and boutiques to large industrial, commercial and business centers), investments in commercial real estate, hotels, health centers and sanatoriums in the resorts of Slovakia; - Investments in construction and real estate Slovakia.


- Listings of apartments and commercial real estate and land with license for real estate development on the coast of Montenegro, in the historic center of the country and resort towns (the entire Montenegro);

- Registration of the status for temporary residence in Montenegro;

- Assistance in the registration of citizenship of Montenegro (service is available only for large investors).

- Montenegrin company booking, assistance in the compilation of business and business organization, investment projects in construction and real estate of Montenegro, company management.

Welcome to Montenegro, Slovakia!


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