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Experts of joint - stock company «National Advocacy Company», provide with professional services on international law and European Union law. Legal services of international sphere of activities include international direction:

  • visa support;
  • Registration / Incorporation
  • Investment in real estate and companies
  • Legalization of permission to stay and labor permit
  • Assistance in receiving citizenship
  • Investment projects and investment security
  • provision of consulting services on International Law and Law of European Union

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List of required documents for obtaining Schengen Visa

  1. Foreign passport in the original and copies of all pages (copy of the second foreign passport, if applicable);
  2. Copies of all pages of Ukrainian passport and the original document while filing;
  3. 2 Photos - 3.5, x 4,5 (80% of face). (It is important to say photographer that photos are for Schengen visa);
  4. Testimonial of employment in original, indicating the date of employment, position and salary for 6 months;
  5. Original of the Certificate from the bank with the information on the current or card account balance for;
  6. A copy of marriage certificate or divorce papers, in conformity with Ukrainian passport;
  7. Copies of documents certificated ownership for a car, apartment, house, land plot (one of them);
  8. Invitation letter, formalized as required, including individual peculiarities of the country, of private person or firm/company.

* MIND YOUR EYE! This is not an exhaustive list of documents. Depending on the country and your personal circumstances, it can change. In any way, you can call and specify the information.

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Official language:

- Montenegrin (in essence Serbian dialect);


- The capital and the largest city is Pidhorytsya;

Largest cities:

- Pidhorytsya, Nykshych, Plevlya, Cetinje, Bijela, Herceg Novi-field;

Political system:

- Parliamentary republic;


- Philip Vujanovic;


- 13 812 km;


- 620 029 people;

Administrative division:

- The territory of Montenegro is divided into 23 communities;

Common border:

- The territory of Montenegro is divided into 23 communities;


- На климат страны влияют контрасты ее рельефа. Если на побережье преобладает средиземноморский климат, то в предгорьях, на расстоянии всего пары километров по прямой от берега моря, уже преобладает континентальный.

Time zone:

- GMT / UTC +1;


- Montenegrins and Serbs follow Orthodox; national minorities profess Islam and Catholicism;


- The euro.
  • Montenegro is an ecologically harmless state, as far as there almost no industrial areas, country has very strict environmental regulations for all industries.
  • According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Montenegro is among the leading countries with economies in transition for foreign investment such as a share of GDP (25%). This index is even higher (30%) according to the S & P rating.
  • All major tax rates in Montenegro are very competitive in respect of other countries, and Montenegro is trying to improve its tax system and make it more attractive. Income tax, which is 9%, is the lowest in the region. The VAT rate is 19%, and in some categories of goods and services, it is used 7% of VAT. Personal income tax is 9%.
  • Montenegro is a country of contrasts: European style of life is bound here with the distinctive cultural traditions, gorgeous beaches on the coast and snow-capped mountains in the north. The country was actually a broad between great civilizations - eastern and western, and today it is rightfully exist three main religions - Orthodox, Catholic and Islamic.
  • Environmentally friendly vegetable industry (cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers) and the cultivation of fruit crops (apples, plums, citrus, olives) significantly strengthens the economy of Montenegro. Wine industry is especially developed in the central and coastal areas of Montenegro and can be considered as a separate sector of the economy.

The Bay of Kotor

- is the largest bay of the Adriatic Sea.


– is a mausoleum of Peter II Njegos, located on the top of Mount Lovcen.

Sveti Stefan

- is a Fortress, which is the main landmark of Montenegro.


- is the main beach resort in Montenegro.


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on certain country and personal circumstances.



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