International sphere of activities

Reach the European market together with us

Experts of joint - stock company «National Advocacy Company», provide with professional services on international law and European Union law. Legal services of international sphere of activities include international direction:

  • visa support;
  • Registration / Incorporation
  • Investment in real estate and companies
  • Legalization of permission to stay and labor permit
  • Assistance in receiving citizenship
  • Investment projects and investment security
  • provision of consulting services on International Law and Law of European Union

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List of required documents for obtaining Schengen Visa

  1. Foreign passport in the original and copies of all pages (copy of the second foreign passport, if applicable);
  2. Copies of all pages of Ukrainian passport and the original document while filing;
  3. 2 Photos - 3.5, x 4,5 (80% of face). (It is important to say photographer that photos are for Schengen visa);
  4. Testimonial of employment in original, indicating the date of employment, position and salary for 6 months;
  5. Original of the Certificate from the bank with the information on the current or card account balance for;
  6. A copy of marriage certificate or divorce papers, in conformity with Ukrainian passport;
  7. Copies of documents certificated ownership for a car, apartment, house, land plot (one of them);
  8. Invitation letter, formalized as required, including individual peculiarities of the country, of private person or firm/company.

* MIND YOUR EYE! This is not an exhaustive list of documents. Depending on the country and your personal circumstances, it can change. In any way, you can call and specify the information.

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Official language:

- French;


- The capital and the largest city is Paris;

Largest cities:

- Marseille (801 thousand.), Lyon (415 thousand.), Toulouse (359 thousand.), Nice (342 thousand.);

Political system:

- Semi-presidential republic;


- Francois Hollande;


- Area (including Corsica) is 543 965 km²;


- 58 million people;

Administrative division:

- 101 Departments, 22 regions are in metropolitan France and five are located overseas, 329 districts, 3883 cantons, 36,783 communes or municipalities;

Common border:

- 101 Departments, 22 regions are in metropolitan France and five are located overseas, 329 districts, 3883 cantons, 36,783 communes or municipalities;


- Located in four climate zones: Oceanic (in the West), continental (in the central and east parts of France), Alpine and Mediterranean (in the south);

Time zone:

- UTC+1;


- 51% of French people consider themselves as Catholics, 31% define themselves as agnostics or atheists, 10% said that they belong to other religions or have no opinion on this matter, 4% are Muslim, 3% are Protestants, 1% -are Jews;


- The euro.
  • Over the past five hundred years, France has been one of the leading countries with strong cultural, economic, military and political influence in Europe and in the world.
  • France is the third country in the world (after the United States and the United Kingdom) in terms of the size of overseas possessions
  • France is a highly developed industrial-agrarian country. In terms of GDP and industrial output, France holds one of the leading places in the Western world (together with US, Germany, Britain and others).
  • France is the most visited country in the world (in terms of the number of foreigners who come); Paris is the most favorite city of tourists; Eiffel Tower is the most popular monument in the world: as a result, France is an indisputable champion of world tourism.
  • France has the largest number of castles in the world. There are 4969 castles. Nearly five thousand!
  • France is one of the largest manufacturers of chemical and petrochemical products (including caustic soda, synthetic rubber, plastics, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, etc.), Ferrous and non-ferrous (aluminum, lead and zinc) metals. French clothes, shoes, jewelry, perfumes and cosmetics, brandy, cheese (produced about 400 varieties) are very popular in the world market.

Eiffel Tower

- is a symbol of modern France.

Notre Dame is a Cathedral in Paris

– сdedicated to the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ.

Triumphal Arch

is a monumental design map or grand building in honor of military victories and important events.


- is one of the largest museums in the world, located on the right bank of the Seine in the first arrondissement.


Call and elaborate the details
on certain country and personal circumstances.



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Ukraine№283 from February 16, 2000.




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