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Experts of joint - stock company «National Advocacy Company», provide with professional services on international law and European Union law. Legal services of international sphere of activities include international direction:

  • visa support;
  • Registration / Incorporation
  • Investment in real estate and companies
  • Legalization of permission to stay and labor permit
  • Assistance in receiving citizenship
  • Investment projects and investment security
  • provision of consulting services on International Law and Law of European Union

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List of required documents for obtaining Schengen Visa

  1. Foreign passport in the original and copies of all pages (copy of the second foreign passport, if applicable);
  2. Copies of all pages of Ukrainian passport and the original document while filing;
  3. 2 Photos - 3.5, x 4,5 (80% of face). (It is important to say photographer that photos are for Schengen visa);
  4. Testimonial of employment in original, indicating the date of employment, position and salary for 6 months;
  5. Original of the Certificate from the bank with the information on the current or card account balance for;
  6. A copy of marriage certificate or divorce papers, in conformity with Ukrainian passport;
  7. Copies of documents certificated ownership for a car, apartment, house, land plot (one of them);
  8. Invitation letter, formalized as required, including individual peculiarities of the country, of private person or firm/company.

* MIND YOUR EYE! This is not an exhaustive list of documents. Depending on the country and your personal circumstances, it can change. In any way, you can call and specify the information.

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Official language:

- Czech;


- Prague;

Largest cities:

- Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Plzen;

Political system:

- Parliamentary republic;


- Milos Zeman;


- 78 866 km ²;


- More than 10,513,209 millions of People;

Administrative division:

- 13 regions and the capital of Prague;

Common border:

- 13 regions and the capital of Prague;


- Moderate, mixed ocean and continental climate; average temperature in summer is +20 C, in winter -5 C;

Time zone:

- + 1, in summer UTC +2;


- Catholics - 89%, Protestants - 5%, Orthodox - 3%, atheists - 40%;


- Czech Koruna (SZK, COP) (1.00 EUR = 25.50 CZK, 1.00 USD = 19.50 CZK).
  • According to the International Monetary Fund, Czech industry produces about 0.35% of the gross world product in terms of GDP taking 44th place in the world.
  • A specific feature of the Czech Republic among other countries is the high level of female employment, which is about 48% of the economically active population.
  • Public universities are funded from the budget of the country and offer free education in Czech. There are currently 28 state universities on the territory of Czech.
  • Czech cuisine is formed of local culinary passions and numerous borrowings. It differs of its hearty meal and juicy-sweet desserts. The most popular Czech cuisine dishes are roast pork knuckle, dumplings, soup in bread and utopentsi (pickled sausages or shpikachki).
  • Czech Republic is among ten most visited countries in the world. Czech’s resorts are Karlovy Vary, Marianske Lazne, Podebrady and others, popular because of the healing water, gases and mud, favorable climate and state of the art equipments.
  • The nominal average wage in the Czech Republic in 2013 amounted to 25 128 Czech kotuna (1285 dollars of the USA). Since the 2012, the rate has increased at 0.1%. At the same time, taking into consideration the growth of consumer prices, real wages cut at 0.6%.
  • Small and medium enterprises play an important part of the economy of the Czech Republic, providing with job more than half of the working population and acting as a factor of social stability and economic growth.

Strahov Monastery

- Museum of Literature and Strahov Art Gallery.

Charles Bridge

– is the oldest bridge in Prague, the most important symbol of the Czech capital.

Prague Castle Град

- is the architectural dominant of Prague.

«Dancing House»

- wo towers recreate the silhouette of legendary dancers Fred Astaire and Rogers Dzhynzher.


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on certain country and personal circumstances.



Head office:
01004, Ukraine, Kyiv,
26, Horkoho Street, office 17


Monday-Friday: 9:00 - 18:00

Saturday- Sunday: by prior arrangement

Phone: +38 (044) 223-77-35 +38 (044) 289-77-35

Fax: +38 (044) 289-55-51

State Registration Certificate of the Ministry of Justice of
Ukraine№283 from February 16, 2000.




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